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What Differentiate Us Than Any Other Native Ads Network?

Cross-Network Exchange

Connect to third-party demand and supply; trade with other networks on the platform.

Digital Intuition®

Patented algorithm delivers advanced content personalization and optimized performance.


The only programmatic native exchange which optimizes organic content alongside native ads

OpenRTB 3.0 is the largest overhaul of the OpenRTB protocol since its inception in 2010. The purpose of this major update is to meet the market’s demand for security, transparency, authentication, and trust in programmatic advertising

Real Time Bidding Campaigns on Top Publishers Websites in The Region

Create your campaign

Start your campaign using the self serve platform. choosing your vertical websites, and selecting the best bidding for you

Appear on Top sites

According to your bidding and the vertical you selected your content will be displayed at the top publishers websites

Get engaged audience

The more innovative your campaign is, you will be able to see the engaged customers taking the actions you aim for


For Advertisers

MENA First Open RTB Protocol Network

Real-time Bidding (RTB) is a way of transacting media that allows an individual ad impression to be put up for bid in real-time. This is done through a programmatic on-the-spot auction, which is similar to how financial markets operate. RTB allows for Addressable Advertising; the ability to serve ads to consumers directly based on their demographic, psychographic, or behavioral attributes.

Outstanding Performance

Real-time automation and optimization of auctions and direct campaigns, based on personalized matching, contextual analysis, user retention, trend analysis, monetization, and target audience

Start Small. Scale Fast

Start with a $100 and grow your online business rapidly through an open programmatic RTB exchange

For Publishers

Open Programmatic Platform

Cross network exchange, connecting you to other pre-integrated native ad networks and demand and supply providers through automated and optimized RTB auctions for maximized revenues

Self-Service for Publishers

Configure, set and manage widgets, optimize widget layout for the best performance and user experience, control organic content circulation and monetized ads, and access full statistics and reports for widgets

Digital Intuition and Superior Algorithm

Patented algorithm delivers advanced content personalization and optimized performance.


Our content discovery platform is engineered to drive marketing results for your business through the top publishing websites/ apps that chooses our platform to build an engaged audience and grow revenues ​

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